The Perfectly Delicious Company
"Can we have another order of biscuits please. The last order was fantastic!"
- Investment Management company, the City
"Many thanks; the biscuits are going down very well!"
- One of the UK's largest private banks
Biscuits have gone down a storm!
- Investment Bank, Canary Wharf
Customer and client satisfaction is often in the detail of what you do for them. How do you stand out when everyone is reaching for the same high benchmark? We supply organisations who understand that even the way in which they serve refreshments to their clients makes a difference. It's a detail they invest in - and they use our biscuits to enhance their clients' overall experience. These organisations want their clients to know that they are worth that little bit extra. "We want our clients to have something we know they can't get elsewhere" is a phrase we've heard more than once.

Such organisations appreciate that our biscuits are hand made, high quality and unique. They are the perfect complement for meeting rooms, board meetings, corporate gifts and hospitality. As one private bank said to us, "For the first time since serving biscuits, the serving trays are coming back empty!"

If your company is looking for something a little different from the mass-produced and likes the idea of supporting a local business, why not consider us?
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